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Kenzie Elston is a born creative who loves color, whimsy and all things floral. She received a degree in graphic design and began her career at a branding agency, designing for household, commodity brands. Kenzie has always had a steadfast love for pattern and illustration, which she leverages for freelance and art licensing to a variety of gift, garden, stationery and home decorating companies. Outside of illustrating, Kenzie is a notorious collector of sketchbooks, antique tchotchkes, and novels and she lives for daily dance parties with her 2 young sons. To see more of her illustration journey, follow along @snippetsofwhimsy. 

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hide and seek

Little gnomes, bunnies, chickens, turtles and butterflies play Hide and Seek among the flowers. They dance under the sunshine and prance outside in the fresh air. The designs are scattered and include a medallion flower layout, a row-by-row design, tossed leaves and butterflies just to name a few. The color palette combines soft corals, dusty blues and delicate sage greens.

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