Flower Market Sew Along for Flower 3

Flower Market Sew Along for Flower 3

Welcome to Week 3 of the Flower Market Sew-A-Long, where we will be making Flower 3. This is a great way to complete this quilt top. We will be showing you step by step photos for each block. There is also a video at the end of this tutorial with more Flower 3 instructions.

Flower 3 is a combination of the stitch and flip sewing method. Super easy and simple when broken down into small steps.

The finished quilt measures 62″ x 74″. You will need a Fat Quarter bundle of Daisy Mae, 4 1/4 yards of white Country Confetti, 3/4 yards of binding and the Flower Market Pattern. All of these are available through your favorite quilt shop. You can also see everything you will need on our website here.

First thing you will want to do… cut out all your pieces by reading the directions in the pattern. You can organize all your pieces by labeling them.

Note to self: if you spray starch all your fabric before cutting you will be thrilled with the final look of your block.

Sew your background and colored fabric triangles together to make 4 half square triangles.

Square your half square triangles to 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.

Once you have trimmed your squares then you can sew them together. Press seams open.

Be sure to sew the colored fabric in the direction that will complete the top of the flower.

The next section is a square in a square block. Sew 2 triangles to opposite sides of the middle square. Press seams to the outside.

Note to self: this will be the center of the flower.

Repeat by sewing the 2 remaining triangles to the remaining sides of the square. Press all seams to the outside.

Trim this block to 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″. Sew the 2 sides to opposite sides of the square in a square. Press seams to the outside.

Next you will be sewing the bottom of the flower. Using the stitch and flip method sew the squares to each corner of the rectangle. Stitch on the line. Trim leaving 1/4″ seam allowance. Press.

Sew all the sections together to complete the top of the flower. Press seams.

Now you have completed the flower 3 and you are ready to begin sewing the leaves.

Leaf Type 2 is the block needed for Flower 3. Using the stitch and flip method you will sew your background squares to each corner of your rectangle. Press or draw a line from corner to corner on the wrong side of your background squares.

Note to self: be sure to make 2 left leaves and make 2 right leaves.

Trim corners leaving 1/4″ seam allowance. Press seams to outside.

Sew sections together to create the left leaf. Repeat the process to make the right leaf.

Sew the right leaf to the stem. Press seam toward stem. Sew the left leaf to the remaining side of the stem. press seam toward stem.

Because you have starched your fabric in the beginning… when you continue to press your fabric… throughout the process of making your blocks… you will find that your blocks look so crisp and tidy.

Complete Flower 3 by sewing the top of the flower to the leaf section.



Enjoy your homework this week… making 3 Flower 3 Blocks. We can’t wait to see all your finished blocks. Please tag us @poppiecotton and use the hash tags #flowermarketsewalong #poppiecotton #poppiecottonfabric #lovepoppiecotton

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Enjoy every stitch!

Happy Sewing!

Jina and Lori xoxo

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