Gingham Farmhouse Fabric Tour with Red Feed Sack

Gingham Farmhouse Fabric Tour with Red Feed Sack

It’s always so exciting to see what creative projects come from the designs of beautiful fabrics. We are so in love with the effect of crochet mixed with 100% fine cotton fabric. Dori from The Red Feedsack has outdone herself. To read more about how she accomplished making this quilt, be sure to read her blog.

We are so impressed that Dori tackled something she wasn’t great at and only had a vision of what she wanted to do. She figured out how to crochet these squares together. Dori had seen an old photo and thought this would be the perfect project.

The dramatic effect of these crocheted squares is soft and luscious. It’s the perfect size at 48″ x 48″. This would make a beautiful throw for a bed or a beautiful quilt for a babe.

You can see the designs in Gingham Farmhouse look beautiful against this ecru yarn. You can view all the Poppie Cotton prints in Gingham Farmhouse here.

So now if anyone wants to know how to crochet, then check with Dori because she has mastered the skill and has perfected this beauty. Send all inquiries to Dori and I’m sure she will be thrilled to share her secrets.

Be sure to check out all the amazing designers. Thank you for loving our fabrics and for stopping by often to check what is new with Poppie Cotton.

Happy Sewing!

Jina and Lori

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