Farmgirls Unite Fabric Tour with Nanny Goat Designs

Farmgirls Unite Fabric Tour with Nanny Goat Designs

Welcome to the Farmgirls Unite Fabric Tour! Today, Lisa from Nanny Goat Quilts is sharing her passion and love of quilting. You can find her patterns here. We have been waiting to share this cute fabric collection with all of you. The wait is finally over and this fabric collection will be in your favorite quilt shop very soon!

Farmgirls Unite was inspired by women from around the world. Even though we have many unique differences we have more in common than we think. “We are mothers, we are daughters, we are sisters, we have super powers, we have honor and dignity, we are loyal and compassionate, we are true friends, we are bold and brave, we are lovely and kind, we are good people, we are trustworthy leaders and teachers, we are hard working women, we have faith, we are survivors, we embrace truth, we always endure, we are virtuous, we are friendly, we love with purpose and affection, we desire respect and strive to earn it daily, we are fiercely devoted, we are sweet and gentle, we are delightful creatures, we shine, we stand united in all things good and true, we are smart, we are an influence for good, we wear our hearts on our sleeves, we give freely and desire to serve daily, we cherish perfection but are hopelessly imperfect.” Words taken from the fabric collection.

The designs in this collection are a mixture of flowers found around the farm, images of life on the farm, bandana prints, geometric designs and so many eclectic florals that work so well together. The color palette ranges from pinks, reds, yellows to all shades of blue and green. You can see the full collection here.

We love the star pop in each corner. The red and white really accentuate the other colors in Farmgirls Unite.

This gorgeous picnic quilt is called Diamonds in the Corner and is available in pattern form from Nanny Goat Quilts.

Come along with us and see all the amazing creations from the following designers!

Monday, May 10 Debbie Homick
Wednesday, May 12 kristyne
Friday, May 14 Lindsey Weight
Monday, May 17 Website: Belinda
Wednesday, May 19 LisaJo
Friday, May 21 Kristen Clay
Monday, May 24 Sherri Falls
Wednesday, May 26 Dori Troutman
Friday, May 28 Lisa Garlick

Happy Sewing!

Jina and Lori xoxo

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